Providing Endodontic
to the Okanagan

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Advanced Endodontic
Specialists Who Treat
Patients with Skill, Care &

Welcome to Okanagan Endodontic Specialists. It is our pleasure to
serve you with advanced dental treatment here in Kelowna. From root
canal treatments to dental trauma to emergency procedures, people
around the Okanagan have come to trust our endodontic expertise as
well as the level of care & compassion with which we deliver it.

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The Treatments We Offer, from
Routine to Complex

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal procedures (also known
as endodontic therapy) are how we
preserve your teeth and maintain
health in the soft tissue.


Our endodontists help people who
have suffered traumatic injuries that
have resulted in damage to the jaw,
teeth, roots and/or surrounding

Apical (Root Canal) Surgery

In some cases, surgery is required
after root canal treatment, to
remove damaged or infected tissue
from the root end. We specialize in
this advanced procedure.

Dental Emergencies

Emergency treatment is aimed to
remove inflamed or infected pulp
tissue to help alleviate pain. Root
canal treatment may be completed
at same visit if possible.

Serving Kelowna & the
Okanagan With an
Exclusive Dedication to
Endodontic Care

Experts in Diagnosis

Our education & experience lets
us diagnose & in partnership with
general dentists.

Advanced Specialty Training

Endodontists have an additional
3 years of education to
specialize in their field.

Highly Experienced Specialists

We’ve seen and treated
endodontic issues from routine
to highly intricate.

Helping Maintain Your Teeth

Our goal is to diagnose pain,
discuss treatment options &
help keep your natural teeth

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