The Technology That Lets Us Provide the
Highest Quality Treatment

Zeiss ProErgo Dental
Operating Microscope

We use surgical microscopes and magnifying telescopes in the process of our work as endodontists. These enable us to look at areas that were heretofore not visible during endodontic surgeries and procedures. That means we can provide solutions to issues that were once extremely challenging to detect. Nowadays we have technology on our side that brings with it more accurate diagnosis, more effective treatment and better success rates.

One such dental surgical microscope that we feature and rely on at Okanagan Endodontics is the Zeiss OPMI PROErgo model. Zeiss is a leader in imaging (you may be familiar with their world-renowned camera lenses). The PROErgo dental operating microscope gives superior vision and insight while performing endodontic surgery, and its ergonomic features allow our endodontic team more ease and comfort as they carry out intricate procedures.

Fotona SkyPulse Laser

We are proud to incorporate the Fotona SkyPulse® to your endodontic treatment, a new generation of dental lasers.
The powerful combination of the revolutionary SSP and SWEEPS® technologies in Fotona dental lasers represents a unique and highly effective solution for modern endodontics.

Endodontic laser treatment has been proven to be successful and safe in addressing the major goals of endodontic treatment: to clean, debride and disinfect anatomically complex root canal systems, including lateral canals and dentinal tubules while remaining minimally invasive.
The efficiency has resulted in shorter treatment time with improved success.

Carestream Cone Beam

The Carestream Cone Beam is a 3D imaging system used by endodontists for superior diagnostic ability. 3D imaging is a tool that gives us a high-res, 3D scan of the teeth, jaws and structure of the mouth with greater accuracy. These machines perform high resolution imaging with the lowest possible dosage of radiation. Cone Beam CT imagine is also referred to as CBCT and is considered to be at the cutting edge of dental technology.

The benefits of 3D imaging technology are many. We are able to provide a safe environment for our patients and staff. And we are able to provide you with diagnoses that are more accurate, meaning we can then formulate the best course of treatment for you – with more predictable outcomes that yield better success rates.


GentleWave is a revolutionary technology for endodontic therapy. It is an irrigation process that disinfects and debrides the root canal system with a minimally invasive protocol that is intended to leave more of the tooth structure intact. It enables us to use fluids to penetrate and clean complex anatomy of the root canals far better than previous technologies.

This translates to a better, cleaner result and a faster healing time for our patients. At Okanagan Endodontics, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of endodontic and dental technology. We’re constantly honing our skills, studying about and training in new (but well proven) methodology, and implementing the latest technology into our practice to benefit our patients.

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