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What Does an Endodontist
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We’re often asked how endodontists are different from general dentistry practitioners. After finishing dental school, one continues with an additional three years of highly specialized education in the field of endodontics. This includes complex root canal anatomy but goes well beyond that even, focusing on highly intricate issues related to the soft tissue called pulp. This education and training enables one to become a certified endodontist and perform complex diagnoses and procedures.

Endodontics has one main goal: to save a patient’s natural teeth. Damage, degradation and/or infection of the mouth’s soft tissue can happen over the course of a lifetime or in a traumatic event. We diagnose and treat tooth pain and other issues with the tissue and structure of the teeth – probably why you have been referred to us in the first place. Together we can work in partnership with your general dentist to save your teeth and maintain good dental health.

Meet Our Endodontic Specialists

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Dr. Stefanie Nio

Dr. Stefanie Nio graduated from dental school at the University of Amsterdam in 2010. Prior to specializing in Endodontics Dr. Nio worked in private practice for 4 years. Pursuing her passion for the field of Endodontics, she then attended the University of British Columbia in Vancouver where she obtained both her Masters of Science in Craniofacial Science and her diploma in Endodontics.

Dr. Nio’s gentle and compassionate nature allows her to create a comfortable atmosphere where her patients will feel at ease.
Outside the office she enjoys spending time with her family and hiking the many beautiful trails of the Okanagan with her pup Kobe.