Types of Endodontic
That We Offer

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a very common dental procedure. The goal of root canal therapy is to save your natural tooth or teeth, promoting the health of the tooth, inside and out. The inside of a tooth consists of a series of nerves and blood vessels that are known as “dental pulp.” Pulp can become infected as a result of trauma, decay or other factors. That’s when the patient typically finds herself or himself experiencing tooth pain, along with swelling, discoloration and/or sensitivity to extremes of cold & heat.

It’s quite likely that you’ve been experiencing some or all of these symptoms, have gone to your general dentist and been referred to us. We offer root canal treatment, which is designed to remove the infected pulp and bring the tooth / teeth back to normal functionality.

Apical (Root Canal) Surgery

In some cases, an infected tooth does not heal from the root canal therapy along the intended course. This happens less than 10% of the time. In these cases, it may become necessary to perform root canal surgery. This procedure is carried out with the specific goal of going right to the tip of the root to extract all infected and inflamed tissue.

As endodontists we have developed expertise in root canal surgery through training and experience, along with advanced technology such as surgical microscopes and dental micro-instruments that allow better and more accurate results.

Dental Trauma

Sometimes people who have suffered traumatic injuries due to accidents or other incidents can incur damage to the teeth, jaw, roots and/or surrounding structures. This dental trauma could include a blow to the mouth that causes pulp damage, or an injury to a not-yet-fully-developed permanent tooth in a child or adolescent that stunts growth.

We specialize in endodontic that treat these and other traumatic dental injuries. Endodontists can even replant teeth that have been knocked loose or out completely. And of course, we can then perform a root canal procedure to save the teeth.

Dental Emergencies

Emergency dental / endodontic treatment is one of our specialities. If you are experiencing symptoms including moderate to severe tooth pain, you’ve probably called your general dentist and then were referred to us. We’re here to help!

The first priority is the removal of inflamed or infected pulp tissue to help alleviate your pain. If possible, we will proceed with root canal treatment at same visit. If we need to wait for pain and/or inflammation to subside, we’ll schedule your next visit for the first available opportunity. Our goal is to help your tooth/teeth heal and get you back to feeling like your best self.

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